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Default 6800 GT Tearing problem

This problem is pervalent in all my games where in random intervals my graphics will seem to rip in small certain areas and textures, and while this is going on I get lots of random glitchy looking pixel looking things that flash here and there constantly.

My setup:

asus p4c800 deluxe mobo
Pentium 4c 2.6ghz HT cpu
1 gig pc3200 samsung ram
PNY Verto geforce 6800 GT

this only occurs in 3d rendered games, it doesn't happen on the desktop or while watching video or anything, it's only in games. What could I try to make this problem go away? Such as an overclocking utility I could use to underclock or something? I don't even know, thanks

edit - and I have tried the newest drivers as well as rolling back to older versions of drivers.

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