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Default Re: System freezes completely - RESET-Button only way out

Originally Posted by netllama
Does this reproduce if you set NvAGP=0 ?

Is there any specific part of ET that triggers the problem?


Actually, theres no special part in ET. It happened during many different maps (last freeze was in railgun - had lockups during transmitter, goldrush, wuerzburg radar ... almost in any map) There was no certain action that caused it. Not even in the places of the map, where usually fps go down, like wide areas to display etc.
What I am wondering about is, that its not a certain time till lockup; I could not even say, that it is during the first ten minutes - played almost 45 minutes (three days ago) without lockup.

Though the file .xsession-errors is quite long, theres no error about nvidia or nv nor the XiD thing like in /var/log/syslog

I tried playing ET with "NvAGP" "0"....I tried...
Its kinda impossible playing an online 3D multi-shooter with 10-30 fps...not knowing if theres something special to do to get the freeze.. :-(
So far I would suppose, that NvAGP might work - the way it can but not really satisfying what the nvidia-glx should be for.
I wonder if this is only a problem of the 6600 maybe a 6800 would be just fine...dunno - wish I had one at hand.

Is there a 3d linux test suite something that is trying to use alot of the gpu to test driver stability? I could check the nvagp=0 with that then instead of gettin dizzy with the low fps trying to fight through a game...
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