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Default Re: 6800 GT Tearing problem

Originally Posted by PolarisTwin
well I just looked at the temperature in my driver's control panel and it said it's operating safely at 58c so I don't know

edit - actually I just opened a game and let it sit with the game open for about 5 minutes and would alt tab to check the gpu temperature, and it was steadily rising. Is that normal? And it still wasn't near the threshold. It got to about 80 degrees
download Rivatuner to tkae a look at your temps while in game, because as son as you exit temps will start to drop, rivatuner will provide a graph from like the last 5 or 10 minutes, so you get a much more detailed view of the temperatures....

when i had my stock heatsink, it would hit about 84C in game, and overclocked to Ultra speeds it would hit 89C in game.... that was way too hot for me, but apparently the cards are supposed to be able to take it, but given all the people with problems like yours, i highly doubt that it's safe anymore...... you could try an after-market cooler, but chances are if it gets artifacts that fast, then the damage is already done
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