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Talking WOW Funeral Crashed.

Hers the Original Post on there forums.

"Ok, let me sort of explain what happened. A friend of mine on the server Illidan tipped me off about some "illidrama" that was happening on his server. (He's a 60 Nelf Priest) Anyway, a person on the horde side died in RL. So some of the horde people decided to hold a memorial service for her on the game. They logged onto her character and moved it to winterspring next to a lake so everyone could come from both factions for the memorial service. There were around 40 to 50 horde (possibly more) in a line for the "viewing of the body" when suddenly out of nowhere, a 60 nelf rogue ambushes the dead person's character, kills her, and the rest of an alliance guild (SERENITY NOW) sprinted in over the hill, and AOE bombed the entire memorial service, killing everyone. They even made a pvp video of it, which I have seen, and it was hysterical. I feel terrible that they did this at a memorial service for a person in game that was evidently a pretty good person. But, at the same time, 1. the memorial service was held in a contested zone, and 2. its about the funniest thing ever."
Yeah I laughed my ass off.
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