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Default Re: The board was down for everyone, right?

Meh, yesterday I was on in the early morning but at 10 am couldn't get on... It remained off until at least 4 am today, though I was able to login before heading out to class today...

Wonder what was up considering the length of the outage... Several thoughts were going through my mind, from hoping I wasn't the only 1 (several other sites also went down though probably incidental, as one was trying to install a second server due to the popularity of the site killing their servers with high volumes, and another dunno).

Otherwise, I also got to remembering that great hack, and was well hoping it wasn't deja vu all over again

Oh, and zoomy, if it was a hacker, we'll let you give him/her a massive wedgy for your presant this year Happy, well late b'day
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