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Default Re: NVNews Widescreen LCD Club (formally DELL thread)

As far as this being noticeable during actual usage? Well that all depends. If you are viewing a movie with a solid blue background or solid gray background it shows up. I've seen it happen with a few .mpg files of mine with blue backgrounds (such as movies on coral reefs for instance). In fact that is how I first noticed it.

I can see it in CSS when someone throws a smoke. If I get inside the radius of the grenade where you can't see anything but smoke and it goes all gray - the bars show up pretty bad then.

So yeah it's noticeable. And if I have a desktop (like the Mac light blue aqua background) with blue wallpaper it's there staring me in the face all the time. Which drives me nutty.

Anyway the backlight is composed of multiple vertical strips of around 1" (guessing) wide. If you look real close there are multiple bands on the right side, not just the one in the middle that stands out the most.

I will try an exchange but if the next one isn't a marked improvement then I'm going to try for a total refund. If I can't get that (good luck) then I guess I'll have to settle on the 37W1 instead and just deal with it's problems. While it has defects mine did not have the banding this thing does.
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