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Default Re: Take the plunge and get 6600GT?

Okay, here is my bro's mobo:

Here is his ram, he has two of these sticks:

Here is his PSU:

Here is his 6800GS:

I tried downloading the latest Forceware drivers and they said they couldn't detect any nVidia video card. So, I used the drivers on the CD and it worked fine. My brother is also using the latest Biostar BIOS for his MOBO, and has a 200GB Maxtor SATA150 hard drive. That eVGA is the only 6800GS Newegg currently has it seems, so that might be the one you want. Just want to warn you though- it heats up pretty quickly so be sure to have ample air flow through your case. Also, download RivaTuner and make sure to have the card's fan spinning at full speed under 3D load- all of this IS if you get that eVGA card. As for the article, I'll see what I can find.
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