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Default Re: Why isn't the NVnews logo green?

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
yea, i know that can be removed. The NVNEWS logo we have right now is VERY VERY simple. Thats all I was pointing out
Yeah I like simple logos. I also think that we should keep the current color sceme just as it is. nVNews is a nVidia fan site but not taking nVidia's colors give's Mike's site its own identity.

Now if Mike would change his site to look like the old 3D Colony site that would make me mucho happy.

BTW, the only thing I would change in your design is the V in the border at the top. I think it should go straight across rather than follow the contour of the letter V. It would clean the logo up a bit IMO. Other than that it is a awesome design.
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