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Default Re: 6800 ultra problem

Originally Posted by criticalfish
ok... i just downloaded and installd the newest drivers from nvidia (i was using the newest beta ones from this site) and restarted...the problem still happens...

its at 429mhz core 1.15ghz mem

I really dont want to UNDERclock my card....and as i am not get artifacts really i dont think it would help anything...

any other ideas?
The point of seeing if the problem persists after Underclocking, is to help determine if it is "heat and/or loading" related ?

To run stable, a 6800Ultra normally needs very good heatsinking and a reliable PSU with something like a 20Amp capability on the +12v line. Also, the mollex'd connection from the PSU should be direct, and thus not shared with any other dynamic devices, like HDD/CDROM/DVDROM, etc

So if the problem doesn't happen with core speed of 400 or less, it is possible that that your card's heatsinking is not good enough or working properly, or your PSU is struggling with the extra overclocked loading ?
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