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Default Re: Oblivion PC Initial Gameplay / Performance Impressions

Originally Posted by OWA
The water being flaky was my fault. I hadn't included his water tweak along with the land tweak. Edit: At 1280x1024 with 4xAA and Bloom enabled, I was in the mid 20s still (outside shots, inside the framerate is much better). This is using the land and water tweak. The framerate would be much better without those tweaks. Also, some new drivers are supposed to be available for Oblivion tomorrow so maybe that'll help also. In my screenshots, I'm using HDR while AA is off.
How does using HDR with no AA compare to using Bloom with 4xAA in terms of performance? The resolution I am especially interested in is 1600x1200.

This does not bode well if your 7800GTX512 SLI rig is only getting 20-30ish FPS, and the guys with X1900XT's are reporting similar results.
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