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Default Re: Oblivion PC Initial Gameplay / Performance Impressions

Originally Posted by OWA
No problem. It helps a lot but as you can see from these screenshots, my framerate dropped a bit. I'll probably have to tweak settings some more if I want to use that tweak and continue to play at 1920x1200. Edit: They're not identical though b/c the sword causing a framerate hit. Still, I dropped from the 30s into the 20s with the tweak.

hey OWA..
i have a few questions..

1) Can u walk to the very far hills in the distance ?
2)are there more streamed outdoors behind the visible terrain in those shots without loading a new level ?
3) how about the big Mountain at the background ? is that a 2d bitmap or actually in game outdoors that you can visit ?
4)can u cross the river without using the bridge ? and have contact with water?

For example in guildwars outdoors arent streamed ,but individual atached levels ,with long loading times.THis take away the flow and some of the realism in the game,on the positive side you can go virtually as far as your eyes can see unless your are in a coast.
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