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Default Re: X freezes (mouse still moves) with PCI NVidia graphics card

Ok...getting closer

The Tyan S2720 MB has one 5V PCI slot that I have been putting the NVidia cards in, except for the one. That one was the working GeForce FX5200, which is capable of using either a 5V or a 3.3V PCI slot and it was in a 3.3V PCI slot only. It worked.

I transfered the working GeForce FX5200 to the current computer and put the card in the 3.3V slot, and it worked! I then moved it to the one 5V PCI slot, and it exhibited the same problems as the other card but much newer card (GeForce FX 5700LE).

So, the problem card, GeForce FX 5700 LE, is only made for 5V PCI slots. It isn't dual voltage capable. This card will have to be returned. The final card of the three, the GeForce 5500 is dual voltage capable and I moved it out of the 5V PCI slot into a 3.3V PCI slot. I am testing to see if that solves the problem for that system as well.

So, there is some incompatability between Tyan 5V PCI slots and two NVidia cards made by two different manufacturers. I don't know if they use the same PCI interface chips...

I don't know if the AGP slots is dual voltage capable....
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