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Default Re: Oblivion PC Initial Gameplay / Performance Impressions

incase you guys havent read it, part of that tweak will much up closeup textures


DO NOT USE the Change the fLandTexturingTilingMult = 0.5000 (2 or 2.5 by default) tweak listed on the front page! While this will cause distant textures to look slightly better, it causes all textures to be stretched massively which seriously degrades the image quality of all textures at close range (or at least the land textures). Again, if you value the way the land textures look at close range, DO NOT change that option in the .ini file!"

example here

and note, that is NOT zoomed in, pretty rubbish ey?

uf u leave that line out, the distance still looks better, but u can see the texture tiling pretty bad

EDIT: been posted in the tweaking thread nm
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