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Default Re: Who else is excited about VANGUARD!

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
It's not the grind that I miss , its the thrill and danger you had to worry about. EQ1 made an adventure out of every level, there was something always fun and exciting to expoler.

Every MMO released recently makes travel boring (instant travel) and the death penalty just un threatening... I like having to do corpse runs, thats what made me afraid of dying and made me play better. There was a risk... now its just "oh no, I have to kill 2 more monsters to fix my xp debt!".
EQ had insta travel at level 29 on in the original game when Wizard and Druid got their 1st portal spells.

Also, you like corpse runs? So if you failed Lord Vyemm in NToV, you'd prefer running everyone naked to him and *attempting* a CR? Have fun losing 10 levels.
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