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Default Re: Anyone playing EVE-Online?

darkrider01, i'll keep your corp in mind.. right now i'm around 800k sp.

About the skills.. There's still a healthy mix of people with skill points.. the gm did the query against their own database. The game is still growing and plenty of new people.. IMO, the what new people like me have to do is envision a definate plan of what you want to do and go in and nail that expertiese.. For me, I'm building an anti-frig character/ship.

Because its a 99% player market, its actually interesting to play the market and trade.. Thats how I make my money to fund my ship and PvP on the side.. Lots of risk(takes money to make money) and some randomness thrown in..

Same goes with people that choose to go through the research and manfacturing route to make money.

I hope eventually I'll join a corp and become powerful enough to make money mostly just off of PvP, bounty, and rat hunting..
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