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so when is NvNews gunna start reporting it's own news instead of just providing a daily roundup of other sites? many sites that may or may not be reputable sources for news. the front page is something i don't visit very much at all, in fact i usually directly visit the forums. rarely do i find myself peering at the main page, and when i do it's usually under pretenses of giving the benefit of the doubt that the content has changed. i'm disappointed most of the time and my visits become more infrequent. i'm not telling anybody how to run the show around here, but i'm just stating that i wouldn't mind seeing some consistent flow of news coming straight out of NvNews.

Telomerase is an enzyme that adds telomere repeat sequences to the 3' end of DNA strands. By lengthening this strand DNA polymerase is able to complete the synthesis of the "incomplete ends" of the opposite strand.

* is a ribonucleoprotein;
* Its single RNA molecule provides an AAUCCC (in mammals) template to guide the insertion of TTAGGG.
* Its protein component called TERT ("TElomere Reverse Transcriptase") provides the catalytic action.
* Thus telomerase is a reverse transcriptase; synthesizing DNA from an RNA template.
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