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Default Re: Current Oblivion *.ini Twinking. Update thread

Originally Posted by agentkay
I think uGridsToLoad is the way to go, incl. the water tweak if its necessary without the fLandTexturingTilingMult. I think its awesome that so much has been figured out within a few hours. The Gridstoload setting should have been an ingame slider in the first place.
Yeah, actually, I misread the NOTE. I was only using the uGridsToLoad tweak so I was wondering why mine looked pretty good if there was a major issue. I hadn't tried the other tweak yet.

I agree, having that parameter as a slider would have been a really nice touch.

Edit: Nevermind, I think I was using the bad tweak. To tell you the truth, I've changed so much I'm not sure but I think I did. I'm starting over now.

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