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Default Re: My 6600GT faulty?

It's AGP, XpertVision. Heat is the issue. Core is stable no matter what, but upwards of 70 C and it usually fails memory test even at stock speed (but definitely at 1 GHz).

On cold early morning 1 GHz is fine.

I don't actually notice artifacts in game except for that one time, but just knowing the memory can't hack it even at stock speeds when it heats up just really pisses me off. I even wonder if the heat spreader is actually heating up the memory, transferring the heat from the GPU and bridge onto the memory chips...

The woman from the market I got it gave me a real hard time when I called up to ask about a replacement at the next comp fair (Saturday), write down the problem and they'd send it to manufacturer etc. so in other words telling me I probably wouldn't have a card for weeks if I dared to try to exchange it. Heck, for all I know I could get a replacement that ran even worse!

I have decent circulation in my case, and heck it's not even summer. I can't imagine the problems I'd have when it's 40 degrees outside.

This really isn't good enough, a card shouldn't be on the market if it can't run at its own spec under standard gaming conditions in weather which is barely warm. Stock speed and cooling should guarantee error-free performance even in hot weather given decent case cooling.
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