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Default Re: Oblivion PC Initial Gameplay / Performance Impressions

Originally Posted by DansFace
is there anyway I can do it without coolbits? Everytime i install coolbits can't get into the driver tab without my computer rebooting
Create a profile for it if you don't have one already and then you can probably just edit the c:\windows\system32\nvapps.xml file and manually change the SLI value. The 81.98s and later may already have a profile. In that case, just edit the appropriate field.

<PROPERTY Label="multichip_rendering_mode" Value="1"/>

or the pre-existing profile entry might look like this:

<PROPERTY Label="multichip_rendering_mode" Value="0x00000001" Itemtype="predefined"/>

Both of those are AFR. If you had a pre-existing profile, you're probably already using AFR.
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