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Default Geforce 6800 Ultra - Flickering in Oblivion/FEAR Characters


I just installed the new Forceware 84(something) from Nvidia's site after having bought the Elder Scrolls IV today in hopes of resolving some flickering that I get in some games. Description:

The environment is fine, but the characters themsleves have weird flickerings/abstracts/etc. that appears off and on in seemingly random locations on their body. It looks like there are tears and such happening in over a dozen places. This occurs in two games that I know so far, Olbivion FEAR, and Chronicles of Riddick Any idears? I have my Windows updated fully to have DirectX 9c, running a Geforce 6800 Ultra with 1 G of ram, P4 3.2 Ghz.

Games like Battlefield 2, Doom 3, and everything else is fine.

Is it the newer Forcewars? I've tried the 4 latest ones and it doesn't help at all. Any feedback is welcomed, I really want to play ES4: Oblivion without these graphical glitches.
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