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Default Re: X freezes (mouse still moves) with PCI NVidia graphics card

Originally Posted by pe1chl
AGP slots use an even lower voltage. There can be problems when your MB supports "AGP 2x" cards. But as long as it is "AGP 4x" or "AGP 8x" there should be no voltage problems.

Just thinking about the long thread about X hanging but the mouse still moves.

There might be some incompatability between the AGP/PCI interface chip on the nvidia cards and the controller chip on the motherboard.

Here is what does and doesn't work for me:

NVidia Card in 5.0V PCI slot with nv driver = FINE
NVidia Card in 5.0V PCI slot with nvidia driver = FREEZE
NVidia Card in 3.3V PCI slot with nvidia driver = FINE

Motherboard Tyan S2720
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