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Default Re: X freezes (mouse still moves) with PCI NVidia graphics card

Originally Posted by kbellve
NVidia Card in 5.0V PCI slot with nv driver = FINE
NVidia Card in 5.0V PCI slot with nvidia driver = FREEZE
NVidia Card in 3.3V PCI slot with nvidia driver = FINE

Motherboard Tyan S2720
Apparently there is some incompatability at 5V. It may well be that the nvidia driver excercises the hardware much more than the nv driver and that it runs into this bug.
In the early days of Linux there were sometimes PCs that ran fine on Windows and crashed on Linux. Remember Windows in that time was a 16-bit app running on top of DOS using tricks like HIMEM and EMM386, and Linux was a 32-bit OS using all memory.
After a while the pattern emerged that there were memory errors that were related to the cache memory (which was still a separate component on a MB then, now it is on the processor chip).
Many persons were astonished that a system could run DOS and Windows without problems, and crash when using Linux.
The memtest86 program usually pinpoints these errors.

So, that it works with one driver or OS and not with another does not mean there is no hardware problem...
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