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Default Re: Who else is excited about VANGUARD!

We never failed Lord Vyemm.

The "instant travel" you speak of is only available to two certain classes, not everyone was able to "instantly travel" all over the world. Heck Druids and Wizards had unique travel locations aswell and some locations didn't have any so while it was sort of in the game it wasn't as open as all current games have it. Oh and these travels weren't 100% safe since you could either be left behind during an evac and certain locations weren't safe.

The keys sucked to get but atleast they made you dedicated to it, and it was worth it. Heck It took me longer to get my VT and Emperor key then it did my VS (I got really lucky) you want to talk about a horrible camp, nothing beats RageFire (2+ weeks for me).
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