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Not being biased, IMO, really impossible. A "fansite" not being biased would be even rarer.

You know I'm still biased *towards* nVidia! Yeah, sure, some think I'm biased *against* nVidia ( not many, though ) - but that's simply not true.

Even if I sometimes bash some PR techniques ( although not all, and there are some I'm highly impressed by - so please don't think I'm against all of their PR & Marketing departement, it's very far from that - in fact, I might be less against their PR techniques than most of you! I'm just louder, and more aggressive sometimes... ) and that I question some of your design choices rather aggressively...

But remember that I'm just trying to remain the most objective I can. It's not my fault if nVidia's current products got major disadvantages. And it's even less my fault if those disadvantages are, by bad luck, the things I want the most in a GPU. For example: the highly inefficient FP PS in the NV3x.

I remained Pro-NV30 even during all the NV30 bad reviews. Even during all the proofs of it having slower *and* worse looking AA & AF.
But when I saw the MIPS numbers at B3D, I just couldn't remain positive on that card. Those numbers were simply ridiculous. There's no other way to say it...

IMO, nVidia is still a great company. The nForce 2 is an excellent motherboard ( I'll be sure to get one for my next PC upgrade in a few weeks ) , and their workstation solutions are still amazing.

Please don't think I'm trying to talk negatively about nVidia just because I think the NV30 is a bad card or anything. Because I'm not talking negatively about nVidia. I only talk negatively of very specific products ( BTW, while I said NV30 & NV34 looks bad to me, did I already say the NV31 seems quite good? ) , and sometimes of very specific PR things ( see explanation for PR in the beggining of the post )

Sorry for writing such a long post about this...

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