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Default SEGA Lindbergh Arcade Board Naked - GPU Shown to be 2004-era GeForce 6 series

Sega's Lindbergh Arcade Board is shown, taken apart. Now we know it
can be concidered a low to mid-range PC (maybe not even midrange!),
with a single GeForce 6 series (6600 or 6800) GPU, circa 2004.

but this is not really a surprise--It has been known since the middle of last year
that Lindbergh used an Nvidia shader 3.0 capable GPU.

The question was, did Lindbergh use the then-new NV47 / G70 / GeForce 7800,
or the older NV40 / GeForce 6800. Well, now we know it's an older GPU from 2004.

Along with a standard Pentium 4 CPU, this makes Lindbergh weaker than
many of todays midrange PCs, and far weaker than highend PCs.

Is Sega ever going to get serious about technology again with their arcade games?

back in the mid-to-late 1990s, Sega's Martin Marietta powered MODEL-2
and Lockheed Martin powered MODEL-3 arcade boards kicked the ever
living $h|t out of the most powerful PCs including those equiped with
3Dfx Voodoo Cards in 1996-1998.

now we have $1000 PCs and a $300-$400 console
(with another $400-500 console on the way)
that beats the most powerful Sega arcade hardware.


edit: even sadder, it's only a GT!

SEGA, where is the highend NAOMI 3 or MODEL-4 ?

they should AT LEAST be using Quad SLI 7900s now.....

oh Sega, how you have fallen

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