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Default Re: SEGA Lindbergh Arcade Board Naked - GPU Shown to be 2004-era GeForce 6 series

Lindbergh arcade games include:

The House Of The Dead 4
Virtua Fighter 5
After Burner Climax
Power Smash 3 aka Virtua Tennis 3

those are the ones of any significance anyway. I am SO looking forward to After Burner Climax.

now that I know what GPU Lindbergh is using, I don't have to worry that the new After Burner
and VF5 might get downgraded when they're ported to PS3 and-or Xbox 360.

PCs and consoles of the mid-to-late 90s just could NOT handle 100% exact ports of Sega arcade games, or even close translations. even the Dreamcast failed to reproduce MODEL-3 games without downgrades here and there. VF3 on DC was like 85% of the arcade. decent, but not acceptable for a console that was supposedly more powerful than MODEL-3.

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