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Default Re: Oblivion Tweaking

Originally Posted by techfloyd
From the official forums, a fix for lags and stutters. This seems to help a bit with the frame rates and stuttering issues and the annoying mouse lag on nvidia cards. Not sure about the ATI equivalent.

In Additional Direct3d Settings (NVCPL), set "maximum number of frames to render ahead" to 0 from the default value of 3. Edit: It seems the correct way to test this is to start with a value of 2 and keep on decreasing until the lag is gone. It doesn't terribly improve the frame rate (think it actually hurts it) but just removes lag problems. Advisable only if you have a less powerful card.
Heh, this is very common. I always have mine set to 0. Basically, the default (and higher) can boost your framerates sometimes, but at the expense of input\mouse lag. Id much rather have outright lower fps than even a millisecond of mouse lag.

I did it for Oblivion and it helped tremendously when the framerates arent too high.

BTW guys, been playing and tweaking ALL NIGHT. This game is freaking amazing! Im totaly beat right now, so all I can think of is sleep, but wow... this game is deffinitely everything I had hoped for

I've been running it very smoothly (for this kind of game) at 1280x960 all settings maxed+HDR, 8xAF, some minor .ini tweaks (so water reflects trees, objects, etc). Even in the cities and very grassy areas. I had it drop pretty low some times, but its not too bad. I played the game at 1600x1200 with the same settings up until I started running around outside and tweaking.
More than anything I want the distant textures to be sharper, but I get a lot of stupid bugs when I start messing with the uGridsToLoad setting. The bugs usually involve people coming into the scene without clothing or weapons showing (though they still have them), or strange movement glitches. On top of that it makes loading slower and hurts the framerate. I dont think this is the best way to sharpen up the blurry distant textures... I really hope someone finds an alternative.
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