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Default Re: Oblivion Tweaking

Originally Posted by KingElessar20
Yes. I did edit the correct file in "my documents." I am not that stupid. If I didn't edit the right file, it would not work at all.

The .ini modification did extend the distance, but it results in my character freezing after a couple of minutes of walking around. If I stood still, I would not freeze. It usually happens at the same spot in the terrain--sometimes at the second brief loading screen for outdoor zones. If it works, and if there is a change, then why would you ask me if I'm editing the proper Oblivion folder? Obviously I did, because there is a change.

I changed the name because I backed up the original. The name of the orignial .ini file is "Oblivion." The name of the modified one is "Oblivion2." I pull the original out of the folder to the desktop and keep "Oblivion2" in the Oblivion folder. My question is whether this is relevant. Does it even matter?

My main gripe is the following: I'm implementing the changes like everyone else is, but unlike everyone else, my character gets caught on the terrain.

I hope this makes my problem a little clearer. Thank you. I am desperate for some sort of help.

Ok i am betting your computer is not fully loading the grid extension and your getting caught in the grid as it loads.
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