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Default Re: SEGA Lindbergh Arcade Board Naked - GPU Shown to be 2004-era GeForce 6 series

Originally Posted by AthlonXP1800
I think you should be surprised how low end it is because high end cards on the PC with DirectX 9 couldnt matched it in terms of graphics and speed. You have to wait until Vista come out with DirectX 10 that will match the Lindbergh system.

sorry, that just makes no sense whatsoever.

Lindbergh is a lowend or at best, midrange PC. it's not, as far as anyone knows, custom or extra powerful in any way. Lindbergh has a stock 3.0 GHz Pentium4, nothing special. it's got 1 GB of fairly SLOW DDR memory, which is below par. it's got a GeForce 6800GT, nothing special, and getting old now. and for the GPU it's got 256 MB of GDDR3, again nothing special.

A highend (or even good midrange) PC of today with a GB of DDR2 system memory, a single GeForce 7800 GTX (G70) or 7900 series (G71) or Radeon 1800 (R520) series or 1900 (R580) series with 512 MB GDDR3 would signifcantly outperform Lindbergh's rather outdated GPU.

nevermind an Nvidia SLI or ATI CrossFire PC rig, and further, nevermind Quad SLI, let alone upcoming dual-core CPU PCs with Windows Vista / DirectX10 / Shader 4.0 with the upcoming Nvidia NV50/G80 or ATI R600 GPUs which would completely blow Lindbergh out of the water being a whole entire GPU generation ahead.

now that is purely hardware.

of course, Sega, an outstanding developer, could make better games on Lindbergh which uses 2003-2004 technology, than most western PC developers using 2005 technology. but thats more to do with software optimizations on a fixed platform and with programming by a top notch developer.

take the same developer, Sega, on newer PC hardware, and they would blow away their own efforts on the weaker Lindbergh.

Sega's arcade system lineup currently is:

Aurora - very lowend board - slightly more powerful than Dreamcast/NAOMI, but weaker than NAOMI 2 which was shown in 2000.

Lindbergh - midrange board (although currently Sega's most powerful board - and hopefully something in the pipeline that's really highend) which uses STANDARD PC technology from 2004.

even an Xbox 360-based or Playstation3-based arcade hardware (which would be concidered only mid-range hardware from the way arcade hardware used to be done) beat Lindbergh significantly.

the bottem line is, Sega isn't shooting for even high-end off-the-shelf hardware let alone truly cutting-edge, custom, proprietary military/workstation grade hardware as they did in the 1990s. Sega has taken not one, but two significant steps down in arcade technology, with Lindbergh as their current flagship.

sorry for the little rant :/

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