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Default Re: Oblivion Tweaking

Originally Posted by AstroCat
I posted this earlier. Here check this out. Right to the left of those firsr Ruins across the water from the Sewer entrance.


The hole in the water was a problem I saw as well but haven't tested what fixes it, if anything. Maybe someone else has narrowed that one down, I was focusing on the reflection problems.
My fix doesn't fix the reflection problems, but does (as far as I can tell) fix the hole in the water problem. I should have been more clear in my original post. Changing uNumDepthGrids to 1 also fixes the hole in the water problem, but introduces new problems when you go into the water (in some cases there will be a circular area around the user where the water has a different alpha level than the rest of the water).

I'm still trying to figure out what (if anything) can be done to fix the reflection problem. From what I've seen it looks like the water is trying to reflect the low-detail geometry even if the grid count is increased. If the low-detail gemoetry is no longer present (because it's been replaced by higher detail geometry), it doesn't reflect it. The sky or other low detail geometry that should be ocluded is reflected instead. This is all guess work, but I wonder if perhaps the shader has some hard coded value in it for how far away detailed geometry should cut off (based on the default uGridsToLoad=5).

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