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Default Re: Oblivion Tweaking

Originally Posted by SH64
1) Yes AF is not working although its set to 8x/16xAF in the CCC.
2) Screenshots wont show the issue .. what happens actually is grass blinking/flashing .. this dosent happen with nVIDIA. i tried both 6.2 & 6.3 cats.

for exmaple the grass flashes here .. this isnt suppose to happen!
I'll have to double-check but I don't think I've seen anything like that. The only weird thing I've seen so far is some shadow weirdness around some of the animal shadows but I was able to make it go away by changing the shadow option in game, trying it with the new setting, then restoring the option back to its highest level.

I haven't checked to see if AF is working but I did check to see if it causes a performance hit. The hit was 10fps going from 16xAF to app control so I assumed it was working. I'll have to compare screenshots to know for sure though I guess.
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