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Default Re: My 6600GT faulty?

I'm back with new card. It seems I lucked out! On close examination it has the same problem as the last one, the thermal tape doesn't touch the memory.

But the card itself runs 10 degrees lower idle and under load. When I auto detected overclocking, I got 545/993, with the other card, it basically gave me nothing (something like 506/900). I tested at 550/1.1 and it passed (unlike old one), but it didn't stand up to stress testing. But I've tested hard and 500/1000 is rock solid. I could probably do 525/1050 or something no problem.

I believe it would be much better if I could fix the thermal tape, but I don't want to go near it with the screwdriver. The screws affixing the heatsink aren't very strong, when I tried to tighten my old one just a bit, the screw broke off. I told the vendor this was the reason for the replacement, rather than the fact it wouldn't overclock at all... obviously, they're not going to take that as an excuse again. They already seemed suspicious. If I could find some more screws the same, I might try it, but I have no idea where I'd get these hollow screws.
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