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Default 6600 or 6600GT on such slow CPU? Also about image quality of different brands

I will probaby make my PC a bit more sensible when it comes to recent games, and been looking mostly at Nvidia stuff (Linux support).

The machine is based on Athlon XP 1700+ (Palomino, so overclocking is out of the question) on SiS746FX (AGP, single channel memory), and it is very unlikelly this will change - next upgrade will be in far future = PCIe so I won't be able to use soon-to-be-bought AGP GFX card anyway (so no point in buying "for the future")
The question is: which card won't be unnecessary (given the CPU) overkill? I suppose GF6600 over 6200A is worth it, but 6600GT over regular 6600? It costs 1/3 more, so what's the point if it would give only, for example, 5% increase in performance (if any)
Also, supposedly 6 series cards accelerate decoding of WMV HD and H.264. Are there any differences in capabilities when it comes to video decoding between 6600 and 6600GT?

Also, I have an Eizo monitor running 1280x1024@90Hz, so image quality problems could be noticeable for me, especially since I use GFX card with extremmelly good image quality (and because I usually have eye/head pain if image quality isn't great)...
So...which manufacturer would give best analogue image quality? From what I see, I can choose here among MSI, Leadtek, Asus, Gigabyte, Galaxy (?) and Gainward...
Oh, and it would be nice if noise would be low...
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