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I can tell you from personal experience that this does not guarantee success. It maybe worked sometimes when using the original SuSE 8.1 kernel release; it doesn't work when after applying the newer 2.4.19-167 kernel released by SuSE to fix a whole bunch of bugs in the original kernel release.

See many other posts on this board to confirm it if you don't agree.

The problem with applying the newer kernel has to do with the disabling of AGP support. Insmod agpgart fails; and the the NVIDIA AGP will hand during X startup. To date, I have not seen a someone who has successfully resolved this problem using the newer kernel release; at least they have not posted a procedure to fix on this board.

I have given up trying to resolve this after weeks of fighting with it. I am using the XF86_GLX and MESA GLX for 3d acceleration with much better success than using NVIDIA's drivers.
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