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Default Re: SEGA Lindbergh Arcade Board Naked - GPU Shown to be 2004-era GeForce 6 series

Originally Posted by $n][pErMan
Fastest for Ghz maybe ... but AMD's old XP line is by far a better core. Runs at a Ghz less and does the same damn thing. A good OC on an AMD will smoke most P4's out. Intel really dropped the ball with the P4's. To be honest... im still surprised my XP OC'ed is still kickin ass in every game I play. Its why I am still delaying going 64bit ATM. (why spend money on new stuff when you can still play the games you like on full settings w/o a hitch?)
yeh same here, mine playis things fine, which is funny we both said each other's sucks because of what we've seen, whatever, saying anymore would take this thread way off topic, if you want to prove it though, post some benchmarks, i'd like to see what it can do because lookin at your sig, we have extremely similar setups...
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