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Default nvida 6800GT hitching playing certain games

hiya everyone
im having problems with games like doom3/quake4/F.E.A.R in certain places in doom3 it hitches/slight pauses does this sound like a faulty card?

if i move the mouse right to the top of this spaceship and straight down i get the hitching around the middle

ive been in contact with nvida well e-mail they just keep on saying change drivers has it enough power use driver cleaner and so on, i know all this ive done all the stuff you would normally do

has anyone any idea why im getting hitching

ive spent 2weeks formatting and trying different things then formatting and so on, its ok to say have you tried turning off fast writes ive tried lots of things like that, my system should cope with these games without turning something off,i spent over a grand on my pc there is no way i want to fix the problem by turning something off when it should work with 0problems with everything on. if you know what i mean, the psu is fine it has more than enough power

ive even tried to overclock the card i clicked on detect optimal frequencies i got: core 406/memory 1.11 thats no good because when playing doom it keeps freezing and unfreezing

i cant even push it a bit without games freezing.

imagequest q995 (monitor)
Asus A8N-SLI Premium
Western Digital Caviar 250GB
AMD Athlon 64 3700 Skt 939
XFX GeForce 6800 GT pcie version
hiper 580wpsu

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