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Default Re: SEGA Lindbergh Arcade Board Naked - GPU Shown to be 2004-era GeForce 6 series

I thought it was pretty interested that the system used such an "outdated" piece of hardware considering arcade boards usually use some of the most advanced technology availible at the time. I wonder what resolution arcade games typically run at? Maybe the games don't run at a high enough resolution to actually stress the GPU much, and if that's the case, why put in a $500 graphics card when a $200 will do?

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
BTW Most games released on this system will probably be ported over to the PS3 due to the nature of the systems being very similar.
How so? Aside from the GPU, the two systems bare almost nothing in common. Not to mention they rarely port games based on what hardware is most similar, just look at VF4 on the PS2.
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