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Default Re: Nalu ran on my 5700!

As I said it ran only one frame every 10 seconds or so, so most likely it was using some kind of software emulation for unsupported shaders (wouldn't be surprised if software rasterisers were built into the ICD). Looked just as pretty though!

Reminds me of the old days trying GLQuake on the OSR2 software OpenGL implementation and getting a few frames a minute. I remember getting a SGI MMX optimised software OpenGL and it ran maybe 2-3 frames a second, wow! I believe just for fun I tried that out when I got my P4 and at 320x240 in pure software OpenGL GLQuake ran about 10 FPS or so... hehe. I reckon a SSE2 built OpenGL software implementation would get 30! But I don't think anyone's going to write it...
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