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Default Re: WOW Funeral Crashed.

Originally Posted by six_storm
This makes me wanna try out WoW . . .
LOL I know exactly what you mean That looked badass. I never played MMORPG's before, but watching them all run up there preparing for an assault like that...that was AWESOME!

And then the funeral crash was like right out of the opening scene in Godfather 2

Oh man I need to try this game... if stuff like that happens all the time then it would be so worth it. I guarentee you I would be one of the most hated griefers in that game as well

Some poeple talk down about that kinda thing as if you are some lowly individual with no life and whatnot, and I often get pissed about people doing that kind of thing all the time (namely, TK'ers in games like NS.) But hell, its either that or you be some punk kid shooting up peoples cars with paintball guns or something. That is the reason I play FPS games and don't normally like MMORPG's...they lack people to get pissed off at you when you kill them. Instead everybody wants to kill the same old boring NPC's which gets repetetive and stupid after a while. PVP is where the good sh*t is no matter what game it is. If WOW has plenty of that, then sign me up. The only exception is if it takes too damn long to find decent weapons and stuff that is needed in order to advance in the game.

Hell look at my avatar. Does it make me look like a guy who wants to play by the rules all the time? I'm a wolf in sheeps clothing, I want to look all nice until I am off killing things I want to raise hell, nevermind pulses! It would have even been fun to be one of the bystanders getting attacked out of nowhere, and just to attempt to fight those guys even though I would have faced certain death

Cheating is the only thing I don't do and despise more than anything about online gaming. Other than that, anything goes in my book.
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