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Default Re: 6800 GT Golden Sample + NV Silencer 5

well i was reading this review of the nv silencer 5 and it said there was a problem to get it to fit on the gainward card because of its pci slot cover.

"I have had one sitting on my computer desk for a week or so now as I am unable to fit it to my 6800GT. The reason for this is that the "Gainward 2400 GeForce 6800GT Golden Sample" already takes up the AGP & first PCI slots and the card has two fixings. The problem is that the exhaust that is supposed to expel the air out of the back of the case cannot do so because there is a metal bracket in the way. I emailed Arctic Cooling last week and received a reply today. They informed me that they will send me another bracket to replace the existing one."
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