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Default Re: nvida 6800GT hitching playing certain games

no nothing is accessing the harddrive,ive been tring to get into the doom console but i can acess that, i did a search on here and look what ive read

Try this in Doom 3 pull down console (Ctrl+ALT=~)at same time to get into console while playing and type com_fixedtic 1 and hit enter this will take care of the locked frams in the game and will take out the jerk you get this also happens in the new Quake 4 with my 7800GTX,works very well. Let me know if this works.Cant tell you about the other games

it seems to be a problem around the world, some get it some dont just check
out doom 3 frame skip.

AOE 3 stutters...... my intros stutter...... Battlefield 2 stutters
I should never have bought this 6800GT been nothing but trouble
ever since i got it.

my words:it looks like this is common here is the thread

his card is agp and mine is pcie but it sounds like the same problem dont you think?

ok his seems to be hitching alot where mine is in certain parts of the game
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