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Default 3DMark, Fastest Webmasters and Me.

OK, so there we have it. In the final results, I get slaughtered by everyone on that list. Best I can do is 11312. But its interesting as I go down the comparison charts. I beat every single persons Bumpmapping score by a range of 40-60fps, and my Vertex Shader scores are often almost identical. What?? I'm using the same dang video card, only differance is I am on an Athlon system. I'm getting 198fps in the Enviornmental Bump Mapping test. Shouldn't these guys be eating my lunch in everything?? I don't have even HALF the system that these guys do. The number is consistent in all of my results (I went back and looked at my lower score sheets, and they all fall in line). Any other Athlon users seeing these same kinds of results?
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