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Default Re: Guild Wars: Factions Environment Preview

Do I need the Factions preview to get the Dx9 graphics or is Dx9 gfx applied to the main Guild Wars levels right now? I have a Dx9 card and the graphics improved to me and some others online about 2 weeks ago but I'm not sure that update was related to Dx9 or Factions. Now with Factions preview out for about 4 or 5 days it seems like there's more contrast and better textures than a couple week ago but not quite sure. Just wondered if I have to wait to buy Factions in April to get the graphics enhancements of Dx9.

P4 3.4, 1 gb ram, Radeon X800XT PE

Aaah nevermind, pffft, EDIT - I see now it says Dx9 in my Advanced Graphics section

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