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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Originally Posted by OldOfEvil
Why did you delete yer War Udawg, just grew bored of the game?
I spent way to much time playing the game. At the same time my warrior was guildless and it is impossible to get into a guild then get into the raids with the DKP others have built up. I have been a 60 warrior since march 2005 with tons of experience in tanking. You have people with alt warriors passing me up because they are in mega guilds. Even main warriors with half my skill running around in might gear. I got frustrated so I started a horde tauren hunter. I parked him at lvl 49 to do BGs but that got old. Basically if you are not in a mega guild you can't go any where wrt end content and the game becomes boring. I'll be damned if I start another alt. Although I did start a warrior on a pvp server but that was stupid. I spent 99% of my time in contested teritories running back to my DEAD BODY because a 60 horde rogue ganks the hell out of every one. They cannot take on other 60s so they run around ganking lvl 18s. They run in and one shot 10 people and then taunt you. As if this is a massive achievement. It isn't even fun. Every time they ran across ANY lvl 60 alliance they were killed with in a few seconds. Pathetic.

Yea, basically the game is boring. Oblivion is where its at. It has better graphics, better game play and NO GANKING!
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