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Default Re: GeForce 6150(GA-K8N51PVMT-9) 1.0-8178? Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel mod

Success! Not fully sure what I was doing wrong before...

As near as I can tell this is what I did:
0) Read this:
1) Re-installed Solaris 10/06
2) At first reboot type root and password before monitor goes out of sync..
3) kdmconfig
select xsun
4) reboot
5) Installed Studio11 (openmp is way cool on the Athlon X2).
6) logout; login command line.
7) filled this out to the best of my ability.
8) kdmconfig
select xorg
9) sh
10) /usr/bin/nvidia-xconfig
11) update_drv -a -i '"pci10de,0240"' nvidia
12) reboot -- -r
13) * The X-server can not be started on display :0...

14) login: root
15) /opt/SUNWspro/bin/xemacs /etc/driver_aliases
16) On the last line I find:
nvidia "pci10de,0240"
Change it to:
nvidia "pci10de,240"
17) reboot -- -r

18) Success!
NVIDIA splash screen comes up and then the login GUI.

Surely Studio11 and many other steps aren't necessary(though it did give me xemacs and a nice compiler). But after all this effort I'm not about to try and figure out what part of this contained the magic step which eluded me in all my earlier attempts.

Hope this helps others and good luck!

Now to try and get the network (VITESSE 8201) and audio (Realtek ALC880) to work ...
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