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Default Re: Slow AA text rendering in KDE

I don't see this problem on my machine, could you watch the output of "top" while scrolling throw OpenOffice Calc, please?
Hello Clemens,

Most CPU is spend in the X server, just like with KDE apps.
Please make sure that the spreadsheet is dense with text.

I wrote earlier that it didn't happen with OO Writer but that was
because I was working with documents with much whitespace.
With dense documents it gets slow for Writer as well. So it's
the 'total font area' that seems to determine the slowlyness.

Well I also believe its a problem in the nvidia drivers, but can you PROOVE it.
Well there is with certainty some inefficiency that is not there with
Matrox or ATI. But my point is more this:
It is very uncertain that KDE (and OO) can come up with a fix, and if they
do it will take a long time to reach most affected users.
But for NVidia, I believe it is within their power to fix this and
then get the fix to those affected quickly via a driver update.
I for one would be very gratefull if they did.
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