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Default Re: NVNews Widescreen LCD Club (formally DELL thread)

Originally Posted by Smokey
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The new NEC-20WGX2, intitally I wanted to get the Dell 2405, but then thought that playing games at native resolution may be hard. After lots of reading, and Nutty's posts about this screen, I thought this would best suit my needs, and it does FEAR looks so nice, just as good as my crt with the added bonus of WS.

Going bigger 20" WS would be nice, but doing so you lose quality and performance!
I got the same monitor last week, and while it has no dead or stuck pixels, it has been suffering from terrible backlight bleeding. In the daylight it's not noticeable, but in a semi-dark or dark room the black is terrible, more like purple-grey with white spots in the 4 corners. Other than that, this is the best monitor I've ever seen. If I was not so occupied with Oblivion, I would have sent it back to get a replacement. I'll send on Monday and fortunately I still have my trusty NEC 1375X 22" CRT.
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