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Default Re: Slow AA text rendering in KDE

I checked kwrite with non aa fonts and it doesn't do 100% cpu here, it's close but it never causes the display to stop updating or any noticeable affects to any other apps which isn't the case when X goes to 100%.

I've read from others elsewhere that 6629 was the last driver that works as expected and that other video cards on the same hardware worked fine with aa fonts. Also around the time I first got this 6800 card the aa fonts issue was only present with this card, not with the 5600 card. 3d was faster but for normal usage the 6800 was noticeably slower on the desktop.

There is room for improvement on the kde side of things but this problem is above and beyond the normal render issue that everyone sees in kde no matter what the hardware and it seems some change that affects the interaction between the nvidia drivers and the X server is the place to look.
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