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Talking Yippee :D :D

Finally I got X working under RHL 7.3 after nearly a month of building, rising frustration!

Basically here's what I did:

1) Did a fresh installation off the CDs. Let it configure my X during installation tho I knew it wouldnt do anything. Created a bootdisk and when the installation was done, rebooted.

-Upon reboot, X didnt start (of course), but I let it went on anyway, so that it could generate a XF86Config-4 file for later editing.

-Rebooted the second time off the floppy, and typed linux 3 at the boot prompt so that X wouldnt start upon reboot.

-I DID NOT do any kernel recompilation! The kernel I'm using is 2.4.18-3. But just make sure you have both the kernel-source and kernel-headers installed. In RHL 7.3, kernel-headers is renamed to glibc-kernheaders so you need to install this file.

2) After installation I just installed both NVIDIA rpm files. Now, NVchooser told me to use other files but I just went on w/ these two source files:


3) cd'ed into the /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386 and installed the rpm files w/o any error.

-If you encounter any error here, most probably there are dependencies error. *

4) edited /etc/modules.conf and /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 as necessary (consult the readme file which comes w/ your driver packages)

5) startx and voilla X was crisp and clear.

* You might run into dependencies problems when trying to rpm --build or rpm -ivh your packages. In this case just install the required packages first, going back each time there's such error notification (not an error really, just a reminder that your missing some certain packeages).

**Read the readme.txt carefully. Most of your problems will have answers there.

Hope this helps and good luck!

One important thing dont be disheartened! There's always a way around
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