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Default Re: Slow AA text rendering in KDE

Originally Posted by d13f00l
The next release of the nvidia driver should improve render acceleration and have lots of fixes for render, or so I'm told. I kind of doubt it will solve this KDE issue, but that's just me.
To be honest I still don't believe the problem lies in KDE or QT. Why does the exactly same setup work fast and without problems on 2 computers (GF488Go (Gf4mx makeof), FX5200) and only causes REAL problems on the fastest machine I own (Sempron 3100+ with GF6600).

If I resize a "konsole" window which contains tons of glyphs I can see how the glyphs are painted from top to bottom.
On my laptop with a GF488Go this takes aprox. 10ms, the _same_ operation with the same kde version (you only see some flicker), x-server etc. takes about 200ms on the GF6600. Same software, just another graphic card.

Its ugly - I bought an nForce4 board and have problems with sound (*wow* oss drivers *oooo*) and a GF6600 - blieved this would be an optimal combination. *zz*. Every onboard card performs better (unichrome *g*).
I am not a gamer, so 3d performance is not relevant for me.

lg Clemens
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